The practice provides a first-opinion service for Gamebirds, and also (by referral only) advice for Poultry, and Waterfowl:

  • • Flock, Farm and Shoot Visits
  • • Prophylactic health planning for your business
  • • Hatchery Hygiene and Management advice/monitoring
  • • Investigation of disease problems with Field Visits as well as Laboratory Post-mortem examination with full back-up
  • • Medicine and Vaccine supply at competitive rates to our clients
  • • Feed Prescriptions as appropriate
  • • Laboratory Analysis including: blood testing, water testing, hygiene testing and faecal analysis
  • • Management of research trials and projects
  • • Consultancy and second opinion service
  • • Training Meetings
  • • Delivery of the Trusted Game health and welfare scheme

{Update:  due to the failure of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to comprehend the practicalities of small/niche/specialist practices covering a very large area, and their introducing new regulation in September 2023 that states Vets must be able to attend 24/7/365 in person for the species they provide a first opinion service for, it is no longer possible for myself (and colleagues around the country similarly affected) to provide that service at all for some species going forward. We may not even advise specifically without committing to that requirement (unless the case is referred and the referring practice agrees to provide the 24/7 cover). With no viable/affordable/experienced locum cover available even should one try and provide the service, with few Vets seemingly wanting to work long hours, and with a shortage of Vets in general it is imo a recipe for disaster and a potential crisis of animal welfare. It is known that this will leave/has left some species/clients without any Veterinary cover at all in some areas.

The previous requirements allowed for pragmatic solutions and I (and clients) never experienced problems with the systems we had in place. I am incredibly sorry to have had to withdraw first-opinion services for Poultry, Waterfowl and Deer in the South-East as a result of the changes.

If you are a client/animal owner affected by this ruling, please contact the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for advice, and they may be able to find you a Vet who can help in your locality. The telephone number of the college is 02072222001, ask for the Standards department. You may not be able to get them out-of hours, despite their demands on us!}